Sunday, 30 August 2009

packing up.

(Photo by Jono Winnel, check out his photoblog here- Pure brilliance)

So I've been rushed off my feet with preparations for California andseeing my family and just general shizz nizz. I went to Brighton on thursday night which was fabulous, I'll upload a pic of my outfit later. Friday was filled with recovering from the night before, and I went to the pub for a drink with my dad, which was nice.

I'm really excited about California, only 2days until I leave. I shall try and get some posts together for the blog before I leave, but my cousins and aunts have computer access so I can always blog whilst I'm out there, and I'll take my camera leads so I can even upload some pics too.

I'm going on another date tonight, have no idea what I'm going to wear as quite alot of my clothes are packed for my trip already!

OH. And this is quite important, not life changing to any of you however, but, I've decided that I am not going to university this year, the uni that I was going to go to was rubbish-y and I knew I could do better so its all good, I am just going to reapply to the ones that I wanted to go to, for next years entry. It was a tough decision to make by myself, you know I didn't want to disappoint my parents etc... but it'll all be ok!

Need to find a job now! Uh-oh.

SMILE lovelies.


Hermine said...

Oh, good luck on your date...i'm sure you'll look fierce no matter what you wear. I'm sure your 'rents would understand about uni. LMU isn't really great and if you're gonna invest time and money in uni then you might as well go to a good one ey?

Alana Victoria said...

exactly my point. when you come out with around £23k worth of debt you'd hope that you got the best that you're capable of!